Tiffany Wood

Hello, I am a freshman in college and attended Trinity High from 2012 – 2016. My name is Tiffany Wood and I feel I was very fortunate to receive scholarships from the Trinity Scholarship foundation, as it made a tremendous difference in the preparations for college. For example, last semester I took a beginning painting class that ended up accumulating a lot of expenses for supplies, totaling over $300. Not only did those scholarships help cover those expenses, but they also help with early admissions costs and a chunk of tuition. Each class has some type of additional fees, usually textbooks or online programs in conjunction with the class, and freshman generally take at least 4 classes per semester to be considered a full time student; so every penny is precious.

Currently, I am double majoring in Theater arts and Art so I can teach both those subjects either right after college, or a little farther down the road. As soon as I graduate, I hope to get into theater and eventually become a director or some type of production manager that oversees the bits and pieces that come together to make a performance. Whether or not I actually become a director I mainly wish to try my hand at acting so I could gain valuable experience that will help me better educate my students.

I decided to Major in art as well as theater to be qualified as a set designer and painter so I might be more valuable in the field. Painting is a hobby I will continue for my own personal growth and commitment to unveil all the rewarding values the arts can provide. Now, in consideration of a minor, I wanted to explore the programs available here at Sonoma State that could allow me to work  in the technical/business side of each field. E.g. Managing an art gallery, managing a theater company, or working as an agent. Whether or not I decide to get a minor in that program, I definitely intend to minor in marketing with a focus in advertising because I believe some of the skills obtained from my majors can be applied to this field in a very beneficial way.

Growing up in Trinity county has been an amazing experience that undoubtedly shaped me into the person I am today. Our small town offers a unique sense of community that goes above and  beyond to feel more like extended family. I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many fascinating people that taught me about a range of things from the history of our town and mining culture, to unbeatable values like collaboration, hard work, and generosity.

My family has lived here for 15 years, participating in various fundraisers and other community activities as often as we could over the course of that time. It was very reassuring to receive scholarships from the TSF because it really showed how our community cared and really looks out for everyone. I know my home will always be Trinity and thanks to the wonderful environment my community provided, I feel confident I can work to achieve what I set out to do with my life and definitely plan to return when it’s time to raise a family of my own.