Wyatt Kneaper

Hello! My name is Wyatt Kneaper, and I was a resident of Trinity Center for just over four years, and a student at Trinity High School. I graduated back in 2016, with a class of students that I will never forget. Living in Trinity Center gave me an outlook to what a true small town community is like, where everyone is friends and if a neighbor needs a hand you get over there without any hesitation and you work until that job gets done. I was heavily involved in the California Future Business Leaders Of America Club at the high school, becoming the executive treasurer my senior year, and representing the state of California at the national competition in Atlanta Georgia for client services.

My absolute dream job would be a branch manager at JP Morgan Chase in downtown San Francisco, CA. The ability alone to live in the bay area has been a dream of mine for many years, followed by my introduction into the financial services industry by my very first manager Nikayla Hurd of Coast Central Credit Union, who I greatly aspire to one day be. The absolute perfect career…. and the perfect location.

Currently, I live in Eureka, CA in a one bedroom house in a great neighborhood where I enjoy running in the early morning. Im currently attend College Of The Redwoods studying Business Management, hoping to soon receive my AA for transfer with a certificate of achievement in Management & Supervision. I will transfer to Humboldt State University, and working towards my Masters in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. When I am not working, at school, driving across town to assist a client with my growing Notary Public & Loan Signing company, Im working at Coast Central Credit Union’s McKinleyville Central Member Service Branch as a new accounts representative assisting our members with establish new accounts, providing leadership to our member services staff, and giving our members the highest quality of service possible.

The scholarships I received has assisted tremendously in covering a variety of expenses including my books, and all of my school supplies for the last two semesters. The constant feeling of knowing that I came from a high school, and a community who’s goal was to inspire, and leave every student in a comfortable place preparing them in every way possible to go out in the world, and be the best they could possibly be is absolutely incredible. This scholarship fund is something that all students in Trinity County are incredibly grateful for, knowing that many other counties don’t offer these incredible opportunities to there students. We are the upcoming generation, and this scholarship has given me more than a financial backbone, this scholarship has inspired to me represent my community as the youngest branch manager in San Francisco CA.